We are Canberra's Leading Training Academy

Changing the way the industry currently teaches and trains students, Alex knows how to build a successful brand and maintain a growing brand and Business in the beauty industry.

Training at Alexandra Grohmann Acadamy will give you the confidence to not only perform your treatments at a higher level, you will gain the knowledge on how to start and run a business, gain and maintain clients and build the life you want with a business that works around you and your needs.

" I was there, were you are. I wanted to do more and give more but i also needed more money then a standard job to support my son and i on my own. So starting my business and laucnhing my career in the Lash Industry has given me the power and freedom to run my life the way i want, support my family on my own and work when i want to work. I make an amount of money i would never dream of and now i have the opportunity to show others how i do it and how to face the challenges along the way in business that no one has ever been able to teach me".

With a tailored approach to learning and incorporating all learning styles into the training modules you are able to walk away feeling confident and ready to enter the industry.

" Our Industry is growing so quickly, its important to have a trainer and mentor who is actively working in that space to give you the best advice. "