Master Money

My name is Alex Grohmann, the founder of Battle Lashes. A little simple side hustler turned Lash Millionaire in 5 years. 


... Battle Lashes was never about the money though, i thrived off the satisfaction of making other women feel confident in their own skin, giving them back their tenacity, their fire. Then i found teaching others how to do the same was even more rewarding, it was like an addiction for me.


The money was just a bonus, until i started to really understand the position i was in did i start reading and learning about money and business. It suddenly occurred to me, it didn’t matter if i was the best at what i did, if i didn’t understand the financial side of my business, how money really worked i was going fail and fail quickly. 

During teaching the art of lashing it occurred to me we cant just teach the service. I had to teach the business side of things too, because really, its way more important. Ive learnt you don't have to be the best at your craft to have the most successful business. It's about your clients, your positioning in the market and the experience you offer. It doesn’t even matter your cost per service. 


This is ultimately what drives success. With in my first 12 months of business i hired staff and grew to a commercial space, hired more staff, developed a product line and started speaking and training at Industry events all over Australia. Total pinch me moment looking back. BUT although it all sounds organic and just magically happened, it didn’t. 

It happened because i started reading and learning about money. The more i did that, the more my business grew and the more money i was able to make. 


Master Money is a composition of all my learning and testing i've put my business through so you don’t have too! It's the Blueprint you can implement into your business to instantly build your ideal work life. 

To get the results to success is to actually use and implement the tools i give you, by practicing what you learning and utilise the information to your best advantage.

Master Money is NOT about LASHES, its about understanding money in your service base business, to grow too levels YOU unlock along the way.

Its about everything else besides your actual craft and skill.

That part you have already mastered or taken a course for.

So enjoy the ride, apply the tasks, become discipline, and do the work to get YOU were you want to be.


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