STOP being a BAD Friend!

Okay babes, here we go again. Another News story hitting the headlines about dodgy Eyelash Extensions.Well, Guess what, Is it you?Are you telling your girlfriends, mothers, sisters, work colleagues or a stranger in the street that their lashes look damaging? Because we hope you are! We hope that all the knowledge we pass down to you will be filtered through the grapevine to the people it matters to the most. YOU, the consumer. Please don't think that bragging about your lash lady will make her "too busy" for you. Because it won't happen. Loyalty is key! BUT, the knowledge and education won't get out there if you don't pass it on.So, we encourage you to speak up and speak out about the lash growth cycles and what set you have had applied, Who your Lash Technician is and why you choose to go there.At Battle Lashes Education is Key and we aim to educate all of our clients.x BL

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