Why do some Lashes Cost so much?

Have you noticed the cost of Eyelash Extensions at your local nail shop go up? If you haven't yet, have a good look around. Most Nail stores have increased their Lash prices dramatically from $30-$40 a set to at least $150 per set over the last few months and we can tell you exactly why. Because the cost of actually performing a Lash service is high! In the beginning these low balling prices killed the lash industry and local businesses have struggled to keep up with the expectation that Lashes should be cheap! If you want a quality lash application, with a trained technician, who uses quality products then guess what? expect to pay your hard working lash tech what they deserve. Battle Lashes has had little to no prices rises in the past 5 years and this is because we started our business with taking into account the costs that are involved. Can you guess what the biggest expenses are? Wages! yep! Actually paying a team member for the cost of service they are providing is the biggest cost, then comes rent, insurance, training, quality products, and so on. A lot of us forget that even the eftpos machine cost money to take money! Here is our guide on basic prices for Eyelash Extensions. Salon or Home based. If your lashes do not reflect these prices then we recommend checking if your Technician is licensed, trained and insured. Lash extensions take an enormous amount of concentration, hand eye control, fine motor skills and body control. Believe us when we say it is a love because it is very physically and mentally demanding. Classic Lashes should range from $99-$120 for a Trainee and take 2-4 hours Classic Lashes from an experienced Technician should range from $150+ and take 2+ hrs Volume Lashes should range from $150 for a Trainee and $200+ and will take 2-4 hours Mega Volume or Russian Volume will set you back $300+ and will take 2-5 hours These are very Basic price guides that will help you understand the complexity of a job well done. Timing will also help you understand the quality of the job. If your set of lashes takes less time than these, then you could be running the risk of lashes stuck together which can cause long term damage! You know how some people are still trying to grow their brows back from over plucking? its the same effect but with your natural lashes!! Although we do not tip in Australia, if you love your lash goddess and want her stay in business then let her know! She will appreciate the support and love.

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