Why you SHOULD be washing your Lashes

So your lashes last longer!

Sounds simple right? But, the simple task of washing your lashes daily doesn't seem to happen a lot.

Lash enhancements need to be kept clean to enhance their longevity and to ensure the integrity of your native lashes are kept healthy.

Excess oils, dead skin, make up, debris and bacteria can inhabit the eye area and, if not kept clean can have adverse effects to your eye and lash health.

How to wash? 

Bubble/foam lash cleaner! there are plenty on the market specifically designed for lash care. In fact foam is the best indicator for oil. If your foam cleanser turns to liquid quickly then the area is soiled and contains excess oil. 

Your foam cleanser should remain fluffy and marshmallowy, Your focus needs to be on the lash line and ensuring you are cleaning any make up, dead skin and oils off the area. RINSE, pat dry and brush out. Done. Each eye should take you 30secs! it really is simple.

Remember you do not need to brow dry your lashes, do not rub, pick or pull at your lashes either. If you are having any issues with your lashes, just call your technician they will be more then happy to help you!


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