History of Eyelash Enhancements 

Work Place Health and Safety 

Anatomy of the Eye

Native Eyelash

Native Eyelash Growth Cycles



Introduction to eyelash materials 

Introduction to eyelash; Curls



Introduction to; Adhesives

                             about thermoplastics 

                             Adhesive removers


Client Consultation

Client Preparation 

Eyelash Treatment Consent form

Eyelash Treatment Indemnity form

Client After Care sheet

Setting up the Workplace

Application Method step by step

Taping methods

Importantance of isolation

Adhesive control

Correct placement of enhancement 

Maintaining - infills


* SPECIAL ADDITION - Recurring client method cheat sheets and discount code.

Lash Manual -Ebook

  • This manual should not replace face to face learning. It is importnant for all lash learning to have 1:1 training to determine individual lash styles, hand placement and business goal set up.